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IPSF is dedicated to fostering a thriving, safe Indy for all residents. Through our comprehensive approach, which includes various initiatives and programs, we've helped achieve a more than 30% decrease in gun violence since 2019, a nearly double-digit reduction in domestic violence calls to 911, and trained over 300 Indy residents in conflict resolution across our city.

By rallying behind our partners alongside comprehensive community interventions, we address pressing issues such as gun violence, domestic violence, youth engagement, and conflict resolution head-on. With commitment from both dedicated individuals and generous philanthropic contributions, we pave the way for tangible action toward a safer future in our community—advocating for public safety is a collective goal for every Indianapolis resident.

Impactful Programs

Your donation enables us to sustain and expand our comprehensive community programming, reaching more individuals in need and making a tangible difference.

Empowering Partnerships

By supporting IPSF, you contribute to collaborative efforts with IMPD, IFD, IEMS, and the Office of Public Health & Safety, amplifying our collective impact on public safety.

Community Engagement

Your generosity empowers residents to actively engage in building safer communities through education, outreach, and support services.


Every donation, no matter the size, contributes to creating a safer, more prosperous Indianapolis for all. Your support allows us to continue addressing the root causes of violence and conflict, paving the way for a brighter future for our community.

Learn how your company can partner with us to enhance public safety and build a stronger community!

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