Since it’s establishment, IPSF has leveraged financial and in-kind resources to support the following programs, making significant impact on our city’s first responders and community public safety.  The IPSF Board of Directors is committed to furthering its work through these programs, with continual process improvement and data-collection for program analysis. 
Frontline Supervisor Training: 
  • Program Overview:  With the assistance of OneAmerica’s Human Resource team, sworn and civilian employees of IMPD, IFD, IEMS, Animal Care & Control (ACC) and other DPS staff developed a cutting edge curriculum and training program.  This training provided effective, relevant and consistent supervisor/management training for frontline supervisors, which will empower them to motivate, evaluate, resolve conflicts, better communicate, manage change and plan for the future.
  • Outcomes:  The Frontline Supervisor Training provided new, cutting edge training in leadership and management to over 600 first responders from all DPS agencies.  This training was the first of its kinds to bring together supervisors from all agencies to receive uniform training.  This ensured that supervisors throughout DPS would all be following the same protocols and procedures, but also developed important inter-agency relationships.
IMPD Arbinger Institute Training: 
  • Program Overview:  IPSF funded training for 25 developing leaders in IMPD to take part in a two-day training by the Arbinger Institute.  The training – “Developing and Implementing an Outward Mindset” – teaches participants about new leadership styles pertinent to law enforcement and police leadership, especially with regards to community engagement and involvement.  
  • Outcomes:  Twenty-five (25) IMPD current and developing leaders received the two-day training and an additional 10 IMPD officers received the “Train the Trainer” 3-day course to allow them to continue providing this vital training to the entire department.  The Foundation’s support allowed IMPD to become certified to teach the 2-day course and IMPD will commence training officers in the first quarter of 2016.
Comprehensive Counseling for First Responders: 
  • Program Overview:  Through a coalition of local hospitals and health care providers, this program provides free, confidential counseling services for first responders and their family members on a wide range of issues including alcohol and substance abuse, marital and family stress, financial stress, depression and general burn-out. 
  • Outcomes:  Since the program started in October 2014, over 100 first responders or family members accessed Comprehensive Counseling Services from this collaborative.  Despite an environment that discourages reaching out for help and a perceived lack of confidentiality, the engagement thus far proves that additional services are needed.  This also serves as a model for local businesses that wish to provide in-kind services to first responders. 
Anti-Violent Crime Initiative:
  • Program Overview:  Funded through a $100,000 grant from the Indianapolis Foundation, a CICF affiliate, this mini-grant program targeted existing community-based organizations working on public safety issues and provided financial support to expand capacity and impact.
  • Outcomes:   IPSF provided grant funding to 12 vetted community partner organizations, with grants ranging from $5,000 to $10,000.  The Foundation instituted an Administrative Review process to ensure program effectiveness and progress.
Summer Jobs for Youth:
  • Program Overview:  To address the issue of lack of summer youth employment opportunities, the Foundation provided funding to organizations providing outcomes-based summer youth employment opportunities.  These jobs not only provided an avenue for making money, but also on-the-job skills and training and the opportunity to keep them from engaging in criminal activity.
  • Outcomes:  In 2014 and 2015, IPSF provided over $50,000 in funding to over 10 established community partners providing summer youth employment opportunities.  The Foundation received Phase I funding from the CICF Community Crime Prevention Grant program for this project and supplemented with additional funds raised.  In 2016, IPSF collaborated with EmployIndy to align efforts of the Graffiti Abatement Unit with summer youth employment by funding ex-offender laborers through RecycleForce.
Project Lifesaver: 
  • Program Overview:  The Foundation provided limited funding to help support the program, which provides transmitters for patients with afflictions that case they to wander away from their caregiving environments, such as Autism and Dementia.  This resource dramatically reduces search time and recovery, thus reducing the burden on DPS resources and, more importantly, the risk of injury or death.
  • Outcomes:  The funding provided by the Foundation allowed this multi-agency collaborative to provide transmitters to 12 participants currently on the waiting list, but without the resources to afford the unit, which costs about $300.  This program needs additional funding to support the growing need for services and assist DPS agencies with the logistics to execute.
Graffiti Abatement Unit (GAU): 
  • Program Overview:  In partnership with MIBOR, the Foundation is funding the unit, which employs ex-offenders to remove graffiti on homes or businesses that experience this crime.  Graffiti is not only unsightly, but also an overt communication tool for gangs and drug dealers.
  • Outcomes:  In 2015 and 2016, the Graffiti Abatement Unit crew has visited over 350 residential or commercial properties and and removed over 35,000 square feet of graffiti.  In addition, the GAU has employed 12 ex-offender re-entrants through the partnership with RecycleForce, helping them with their transition back into the community and decreasing the likelihood of re-offending.
Active Shoot Safety Video:
  • Program Overview:  Leveraging the talent of students at University of Indianapolis, a video was created to assist the IMPD SWAT Team in educating faculty and administrators of local schools on exactly what steps to take in the case of an active shooter, an increasing issue facing local schools.
  • Outcomes
    Active Shooter Response for Schools.
    Produced with the assistance of UIndy students and faculty, this video will assist the IMPD SWAT Team in educating faculty and administrators of local schools on exactly what steps to take in the case of an active shooter.  RUN – HIDE – FIGHT® (used with permission of the City of Houston, TX)
    The video can be seen at:  Active Shooter Response for Schools  
    Active Shooter Response for Healthcare.
    Produced with the assistance of the MESH Coalition, this video will assist the IMPD SWAT Team in assisting various types of healthcare facilities in preparing for an active shooter scenario.   The issues considered for a healthcare facility are somewhat different than those faced by schools or businesses.  RUN - HIDE - FIGHT® (used with permission of the City of Houston, TX)
    The video can be seen at:  Active Shooter Response for Healthcare
First Responder Recognition: 
  • Program Overview:  This annual awards ceremony provides an opportunity for leaders to recognize the great work done daily by our community’s first responders, often above and beyond the scope of their normal duties. 
  • Outcomes:  In two years, over 140 sworn and civilian employees of DPS agencies have been recognized in front of an audience of their peers and leadership for their work to ensure public safety in Indianapolis.
In addition to the programs above, IPSF aims to assist efforts of local first responders who develop relationships with local individuals and businesses to support their efforts.  IPSF manages these restricted funds to support needs in units such as the Arson K9 Unit, the IMPD Leadership Academy and the IMPD Bike Team.  By supporting these efforts with back office, administrative support and guidance, these professionals are able to focus their time on addressing public safety issues directly and effectively.